Connecting people to their purpose.

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Empower people with strategies for personal growth and embracing challenge

Accelerate the path to achieving goals and making a difference in the world

Facilitate changes that will last a lifetime and impact the quality of personal relationships

Why Everpath?

Everpath’s educational approach empowers people to pursue growth with purpose, dedication and understanding. Everpath respects the individual needs of all our participants and believes that with guidance and practice, they can all succeed.

"Melissa helps you get to the core of what is bothering you and how you can go about changing things. I also discovered that I enjoy helping people in times of personal angst."

Elton Stewart

"I liked the group session and what others had to share. People spoke about their personal issues, financial struggles and relationship problems. I took away valuable points and words of wisdom that are relevant to me."

Jeremy Flores

"I am so grateful for having taken Melissa’s class at a time when I was confused about where to work and where to take my career. If it wasn’t for her class, I think I’d still be running around in circles."

Wendy Zeng

"Melissa’s guided sessions are warm and really helped people to relax and feel at ease. They were revealing, creative and inspiring."

Penelope Xino

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